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What to do When Your Home or Business is Flooded

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

What to do When Your Home or Business is Flooded

Flood damage is one of the most serious situations that a home or business owner can face. Water damage, when left unchecked, can quickly lead to structural weakening and extensive damage to drywall, furniture and other components of a building. If not treated in time, extensive flood damage will almost always become permanent, necessitating widespread renovation of the property or, far too frequently, the complete rebuilding of the structure.

Fortunately, the majority of water damage events in the United States are 100 percent subject to complete remediation and flood damage mitigation. With prompt action, almost all water damage will be able to be completely reversed. But it is absolutely imperative that whenever a property owner recognizes flood water in their home or water in their business that they immediately call in a team of professional mitigation and restoration experts from their local restoration company. Without prompt action, water damage is virtually guaranteed to both spread and become permanent. A professional restoration company knows exactly what to do to stop this from occurring.

In this article, we'll take a look at the flood damage restoration and mitigation process, seeing what a restoration company does and how they carry out the restoration and mitigation of impacted properties. Most importantly, we'll see that a flooding event is not the time for anyone, no matter how handy, to begin trying to carry out a do-it-yourself flood restoration. This almost always ends in disaster and could cause the total loss of the property.

Call in a professional restoration company

It almost can't be emphasized enough that the single most important thing that any property owner can do after recognizing flood water in his business or water in his home is to call in a professional water cleanup team. A pro water cleanup team will have the experience, equipment and knowledge necessary to ensure that the chance of a successful restoral of the flooded home or business is carried out. Water cleanup companies usually have strict apprenticeship periods, only allowing those who have proven themselves in the field to become certified water cleanup professionals. This is a level of professionalism that you and your property need in case of a flooded home or business.

The call is made and the team arrives

Once the call is made, the cleanup team will usually arrive within a few minutes. They will immediately spring into action, assessing the extent of the water in the home or water in the business and classifying the water. They will also go to the source of the original supply line break or pipe break, making sure that no active leak is continuing to spew water. Using sophisticated equipment like hygrometers and infrared detectors, they will survey the area around the supply line break or pipe break. If there is any water that has seeped into hidden or hard-to-see areas, they will note it for later and specialized drying equipment will be employed around the area of the original pipe break or supply line break.

The team will begin removing standing water

The next step in the process is for the team to begin the large-scale removal of all standing water in the home or water in the business. This will be carried out using powerful vacuum equipment that is capable of removing thousands of gallons every hour. This portion of the cleanup process usually takes less than one hour.

The drying process is undertaken

The next step in remediating the flooded home or business is to begin the drying process. Special care will be taken to thoroughly dry the area around the original pipe break or supply line break, ensuring that no lasting damage will occur to the flooded home or business' structure. The drying process typically lasts from a few hours to a full day.

Upon being dried, the property will now be completely restored to its original state.
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