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Puffback Problems in Providence, RD

This home had received damage due to a puffback from their furnace. Luckily most off the damage was done outside the home and not on the inside. However, this i... READ MORE

How to save money with board up services.

This commercial building in Providence, RI had a window broken after a storm. The window was left broken letting birds in which left a huge mess. The whole area... READ MORE

What Is Causing My Mold Growth?

Mold is present in every home. It can often be found under sinks, near toilets, or any other plumbing fixture. That is because mold is a big clue to a moisture ... READ MORE

Containing Mold

Mold is difficult to deal with. Mold spores are microscopic and therefore cannot be seen. What you do see is the black growth that is a result of the presence o... READ MORE

Pipe Break Causes Mold Growth

Wherever there is water there is always a chance of mold problems. Let SERVPRO of Providence help eradicate the mold from your home. Providence, RI Mold Damage ... READ MORE

Soot And Water Cleanup

There are several different types of damage you may experience with a fire. You will have the obvious damage of coming in direct contact with fire. However, the... READ MORE

Smoke Webs and Kitchen Fires

A fire in this Mount Pleasant, RIA kitchen fire can be very devastating for your home. There are a lot of different reasons for fires but the kitchen fire is th... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe Due To Cold Weather

When winter storms rolled in with a serious cold front, the temperatures dipped well below freezing and caused a pipe in this Providence home to freeze and burs... READ MORE

Frozen Pipe At Hotel

This hotel had a frozen pipe that resulted in a wet mess when it broke and caused a flood. When SERVPRO of Providence arrived, our first priority was to extract... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes Break in Warehouse

Broken Pipes and Flooding in Providence, RIThere was a lot of water that had to be extracted from this warehouse after a pipe had frozen and broke. We extracted... READ MORE